As you’re aware, your construction business is subject to much stricter compliance regulations than almost any other industry.

We have extensive experience working with the QBCC and diligently keep up with changes to their rules and regulations. From minimum tangible assets to minimum financial requirements and more, we ensure your construction business is fully QBCC compliant. We’ll analyse your current asset mix, profit and loss statement, balance sheet, debtors and creditors report and cashflow statements and suggest actions if required to ensure you meet the expected metrics.

Beyond that, we work proactively with you to outline ways to reduce costs, minimise your tax liability, reduce risk and create a more profitable organisation.


  • Comply with all QBCC and other regulations
  • Improve profitability
  • Get access to the latest accounting, finance and technology advice to create a more successful organisation


  • Receive construction industry specific tax and finance advice
  • Get support streamlining your processes and improving your operations

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