Mark And Cathy Pimm From Reno Revivals

Being in the ever-changing building industry, dealing with tradies, QBCC, debtors, creditors and staff are just a few of my daily challenges. Then you add taxes, tax planning and accounting to that scenario and it’s a total mind boggle to say the least.

Starting our small sole trader renovations business a few years ago and not even having to register for GST we used a friend of a friend to do our annual tax returns. Fast forward 2 years and things changed a lot! Legislation was changing literally overnight and the more research I did the more confused and panicked I became. It just made sense that in order to do things correctly we needed an accountant to ensure everything was operating the way it should in the “money” sense.

I interviewed 5 accountants who all made me feel like I was sitting in the principal’s office, not to mention they literally all had the humour of a goldfish…not for me! Then came Andrew…..big red beard and all! 5 minutes into the conversation and I knew I found my man. Now I am no easy customer, emails at all hours, calls and texts when “I’m thinking out loud” nothing is ever an issue for Andrew.

He has helped us structure our now million dollar company correctly, keeps on top of all legislation in regards to the financials in the construction industry and meets with us regularly as our “virtual CFO” to oversee the general progress of our business – always with a smile on his face! Generally, it’s actually a cheeky grin because he believed we would grow and do great things and he’s right. We have grown in confidence knowing that we are doing things correctly and have the support of Andrew and his team at Laing Accounting and Business Solutions.

So if you’re a tradie or work in the trades and you need or want your business to go places with confidence and with people who are “real” and have a sense of humour to boot then Laing Accounting and Business Solutions are the team to get you there!