Set your structure up right the first time.

Consider ownership, ease of setup, sale of business The right business structure will ensure your assets are protected and that your risk and tax obligations are legally minimized.


  • Utilise business structure to protect assets, distribute income, legally minimise tax & CGT
  • Growth, Investment or Expansion


  • Review current state with objectives
  • Provide options for cost effectiveness vs risk aversion
  • Set up of trusts, private companies, partnerships and registrations for TFNs, ABNs, GST and other government departments where required (eg. Workers compensation)
  • Creating new entities to manage tax and risk in your business.
  • Using our office to ensure legal documents are handled appropriately and not served at your business.
  • Ensuring documents are prepared properly and comply with ASIC’s rules.
  • Ensuring that trusts are set up correctly with the best resolutions in place to meet your needs.
  • Ensuring that the new structure has the right management, policies and procedures in place to ensure it works as intended.

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