Business success is not a goal, it’s a plan

Get a handle on cash flow.  Avoid surprises at tax time. Take the “books” off your already full plate. Put aside enough to grow and enough to live.  We deliver small business accounting and bookkeeping that gives you a plan for reaching your business and personal goals.

Our business advisory accounting services

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New Business Services

With the kids finally in school, Fletcher is ready to establish his own electrical contracting business.  Grace plans to use her background in marketing and management to grow the business, but accounting was never her strong point. They hope to have Fletch “off the tools” within 5 years so need to start planning for growth from the start. 

  • Accounting software and app training 
  • Business structuring and registrations
  • Guidance with budget preparation, profit and loss, pricing, quoting, and managing costs
  • Tax minimisation, compliance preparation and submission
  • Option of weekly bookkeeping services
  • Option of weekly, monthly or quarterly Zoom meeting check-in  
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Business Building Services

Aaron was a personal trainer who opened his own gym.  Business is booming.  Aaron’s plan is to open a second location but needs to get his financial ducks in a row first. He’s great at what he does, a pretty good salesman but describes himself as “terrible with money.”  

  • Weekly bookkeeping services
  • Cash flow management
  • How to scale the business
  • What to consider when looking to employ staff
  • How much money to put aside for tax
  • Review of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to keep track of desired business goals
  • Option of weekly, monthly or quarterly Zoom meeting check-in
happy senior couple ready to retire

Retiring The Business

Anthea and George have run their north Brisbane law firm for thirty years.  It’s been very successful but also stressful.  They’re ready to hit the road and see the world, but first, they must maximise their sale price.  

  • Review of KPI’s and building staff capability so the business can operate without the owner
  • Preparing the financial statements and other required information
  • Review and upgrade of business assets prior to sale
  • Documenting of policies and procedures

Our SME business bookkeeper and accountant services

Just need it done?  Alpha Business Advisory offers a team of north Brisbane based (Moreton Bay Region) accountants and bookkeepers who can keep your day-to-day bookkeeping and accounting off your plate.  Simple, affordable small and medium business bookkeeping and accounting services designed to make your life easy.

  • Bookkeeping. We will process your bank statements and financial information on a timely basis so that you are able to make important financial decisions.
  • Payroll. Manage your pays, super and employee entitlements without lifting a finger.
  • BAS and Tax. Quarterly and monthly activity statement preparation, PAYG withholding and year-end tax minimisation all taken care of for you.
  • Monthly or Quarterly Review. Monthly or quarterly reporting to help you know exactly where your profits are, and where you could be trimming your costs.
  • Cashflow Management. Assistance in getting your cash flow under control because every small business struggles with this.  

Time crucial financial services

Family Business Accounting

  • Family business separations. Get a clear picture of the depth and breadth of the ‘asset pool.’  We review businesses, the business structures and who officially owns what.  We assess financial statements and business records for accuracy. We provide clarity around the tax implications for the splitting of assets.  We work with your solicitor to plan for an equitable divorce/separation – and for your life beyond the “family business.”
  • Family business succession. Prepare the next generation to take the reins with financial auditing and training.  We’ll work with the “new boss” to understand how the business has been operating, opportunities for growth, cost cutting and streamlining, and potential client loss or skills shortfalls as you leave the operation.


  • Business improvement. You could be making more profit with minimal cost or change.  We review the systems and processes of the business and apply tests to reveal inefficiencies.  Get unstuck. Unlock better, more profitable ways to work. 
  • Bookkeeping training – We set up the accounting software, systems and processes for you.  Then we undertake a Zoom meeting and train the staff member/owner in how to complete the books. 

Business Valuation

  • Buying a business. Pay the right purchase price.  We’ll analyse vital financial information to reveal risks and opportunities.  Don’t overpay on this investment.
  • Selling a business. Maximise your potential sale price.  We’ll help you get your financial ducks in a row and help you implement the changes to maximise your potential sale price.  
  • Attract investors or shareholders. We’ll work with your lawyer to get your documents together to attract 3rd party investment or make share offers. 

Australian Taxation Office Issues

  • Crisis Management – ATO Audit. Let us take the stress out of your ATO Audit. We liaise and negotiate with the ATO on your behalf and ‘go in to bat’ for you.  We understand that this is a worrisome time for you.  Let us paint you a clear picture of what to expect and then advocate for you to get the best outcomes.
  • Crisis Management – Outstanding ATO Lodgements. Made some mistakes?  The best way to avoid ATO strife is to confess before you receive notice of an audit.  We’ll help you prepare all the documents and then advocate on your behalf.  Relax, we’ve got this.

QBCC Compliance Accounting

  • Quarterly QBCC Compliance. We apply the Current Ratio and Net Tangible Assets on a quarterly basis – this is part of our standard quarterly process.  If you fail either of these tests, we’ll help you get back on track.
  • QBCC Gross Maximum Revenue Compliance. We monitor your turnover on a quarterly basis and check that it is within the Gross Maximum Revenue.  If you’re at risk of exceeding its Gross Maximum Revenue, we’ll complete your MFR report, securing you an increased Gross Maximum Revenue threshold.
  • General Purpose Financial Reporting. We have the capability to produce General Purpose Financial Reports as required by the QBCC.

The right accountant will trim years from your growth plan.  Let us help

Our team has provided accounting services to small to medium businesses for over twenty years.  In those years, we have provided the necessary support to enable business owners to reach their own targets for business success.  

We understand that it’s not just your business, it’s your family’s livelihood – and planning for growth means planning for your family’s financial security, too.  Talk to an accountant on Brisbane’s northside who will show you the path to better understanding your business’s financial information and reaching your lifestyle goals.  One call could save you years of stalled growth.  Surely that’s worth a chat?