Christina Carleton – Principal Accountant

Christina has worked in business advisory and mentoring since 2001 with a focus on client-centred solutions for growth. Christina bought an accounting firm in Brendale in 2021 and has since created a new brand, a new approach and a new team. She did this with one goal – to better service the contemporary small to medium business owners of North Brisbane.

Christina’s strength is in determining the needs of the client, both financial and personal, and ensuring that the business is capable of meeting those needs. Christina’s passion is turning small to medium business aspirations into reality, with the right advice and plan.

Christina lives on Brisbane’s northside with her partner Mat, her daughter Isabella and 2 stepsons Blake and Zachary. She has a personal interest in residential property investment, the share market and crypto currency.

Excellence in accounting and bookkeeping isn’t sexy, but there’s a real rush seeing the difference it can make.

So, we aren’t your typical Brisbane accounting firm. Unlike other accountants, we recognise that one size does not fit all. At Alpha Business Advisory, we do things differently and don’t work with all clients that approach us. In deciding who we work with, we apply our own set of criteria. Our preference is to ensure we are the right fit from the start. We are in it for the long haul and aim to build authentic and genuine business relationships with our clients, right from the get-go.

Judy Jardin

judy – Director of First Impressions

Judy is our Director of First Impressions overseeing our client communications and workflow. Judy is based in the Philippines and has a bachelor’s degree in business administration majoring in management and has completed a 2 year course in computer science. Professionally, she is a licenced financial adviser focussing on life insurance and investment and an accredited real estate agent. As a side hustle she loves to help organise events and assist her own clients with their PR and marketing efforts. Judy is a coffee lover and a single mother of 3 children. Her personal interests include Muay Thai and hiking. 


Ramya – Accountant

With around 20 years’ experience in tax compliance, bookkeeping, internal and external auditing, and payroll services, Ramya is a certified CPA with both public and private sector experience. Ramya’s focus is on data-based strategy for business growth. Ramya was born with accounting in her blood, following in her father’s footsteps. She’s also a self-confessed foodie, which makes her a perfect fit for our team!

Why choose Alpha Business Advisory as your accounting firm?

Our team of bookkeepers and accountants understand business because we’ve spent decades growing them.  We call it as it is and understand work life balance because we’ve been raising our kids while growing this business, and others.  We work with solo run businesses, with blended and stepfamilies, with remote employers, with bootstrappers and side hustlers.

We understand that business has changed. Although we are based in the Moreton Bay Region, north of Brisbane, we provide a flexible, inclusive workplace so we’re prepared to work with you, on yours, no matter what your geographical location is.

We are well connected, having established tried and tested relationships with other professionals.  We can refer you to mortgage and insurance brokers, HR and payroll specialists, lawyers, and small business banking managers, just to name a few.  This means less legwork for you and greater peace of mind.

What’s the “Alpha Advantage”?

In trading terms, Alpha is a measure of return on investment.  Your Alpha investment ensures that your businesses tax compliance, cashflow, budgeting and overall direction are planned and backed by a genuine and trusted relationship with your accountant.  And that’s why we’re Alpha Business Advisory.  Investing time and partnering with the right accountant provides financial acumen, clarity, and ensures the delivery of excellent returns. 

Doesn’t that sound like your kind of accounting firm?