Tax for Tradies 101 

Want to know more about tax for tradies? We list the most common tax deductions for tradies. And remember that personalised tax advice is crucial to ensure you don’t miss anything.

Are you getting ready for Christmas

Christmas is that crazy time of year! It’s exciting but scary, as this is when business owners tend to run into financial difficulties. The seasonal shut down can stop the normal cycle and disrupt cash collection. Debts are not collected, staff go on leave and business tends to slow down. These factors tend to affect […]

How to use the 8O/2O rule to grow your business

The 80/20 rule is an observation that in society, a business or a team, 80% of the results come from 20% of the individuals. 20% of your sales team land 80% of your sales. 20% of your clients produce 80% of your revenue. It’s important to look at every area of your business and see […]

What Business Training to Undertake in 2019

If you want to outsmart your competitors, you need to invest in your ongoing education. Let’s have a look at some of the key areas to work on this year to get you that edge. We suggest Udemy for training but we’ve also included some alternatives below. Leadership One of the most effective ways to […]

How to Stop Your Business From Sinking

We’ve worked with a number of new businesses over the years – from established firms to solo entrepreneurs. After seeing the best and the worst in business decisions, here are 10 accounting issues that you must take care of to help avoid going broke. 1. Cashflow Growth, market share, employee satisfaction are all important….but none […]

Tax planning ahead of June 30

As you approach tax time, let’s have a look at some of the legitimate ways you can reduce your tax bill – and some of the dodgy ways you need to avoid. The right way… First and foremost, work with an accountant who is energetic and driven. One that will drill down into every aspect […]

Finally, you can work ‘on’ your business

While owners and managers have always heard the adage ‘you need to work on your business, not in your business’, the strains of managing staff and putting out fires have meant they spend most time of their time doing the latter. Until now. Technology, automation and big data are finally promising to take care of […]